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It would be easier if you post your PC specs as well. So you are running 2 processors. The first option is completely wrong if you go by Intel specs, but we are overclockers and this is what we want to do. I wouldn't feel comfortable running 1.33v & 1.36v through my CPU[-s-] 24/7, but you would. There's nothing wrong with how "you" want to run your gaming rig. I'm just saying that Idle + Load shouldn't be the same voltage. Load voltage is generally lower and sometimes much lower than the Idle voltage. Thanks to Dynamic vCore, it will definitely help keep temps and voltage down [as well as Vdroop]. C-states adds to the mix even more.

If option 1 is what you ned to run your rig then go with option 1 thumb.gif. Overclocking with Vdroop + dynamic vCore can be tricky, but will be worth it in the long run. Since it can be difficult the manufactures gave us what we wanted & added LLC\Vdroop options [plus a ton of other options as well].
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