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Originally Posted by doyll View Post

Then the PH-F140HP is good.

(Sorry if this is noobish, I'm still learning)!

Is it possible to mount these on a 420mm rad? Before you say no because of the 120mm mounting holes, what if I used this? http://www.frozencpu.com/products/16544/fss-43/ModRight_Ninja_Vibration_Silencer_140mm_Fan_Gasket_w_Lip_-_White.html#blank
and maybe some tape?

Will this be at least as effective as having square fans with 140mm mounting holes? Or will performance be different somehow versus a theoretical square PH-F140HP?

I bought them anyway knowing they won't natively fit a radiator because this is exactly the model I want. It's 4 pin/PWM, has a white frame and fan, 140mm, and performance rivaling noctua's at a reasonable price. It was also the best stat-wise (I think) compared to the other white 140mm Phantek offerings. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FZM30YG/
I just bought 5 and will be using them as case fans for now in my NZXT H630, but I want to use them on radiators in the future when I get watercooling.
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