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Originally Posted by doyll View Post

No, they are vibration dampening material (rubber / silicone) and only 2mm thick. They are the right shape but not rigid or thick enough to be used as mounting adapters. Something like this:

I've made these before and they work great. Only need a drill press and table saw .. and a 135mm hole saw. wink.gif
If person was doing 50+ it would not take long per adapter, but it's very time consuming when only making a couple.Takes more time setting up for each step when only doing a few than actual cutting / drilling time. First setup to cut the 135mm holes, then cut squares w/ 135mm hole, then drill 104.5mm spacing holes & countersink, then drill 124.5mm spacing holes.
I have not seen anything similar being marketed. Wish someone would. Nothing trick or expensive.

Thanks very much for your reply! In a few months when I go water I will use these charts. Where would I get white silicone sheets though? Aesthetics is a top priority.

Will I have to cut off the edge of the edges of fan though? I hope the points don't stick out...
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