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Originally Posted by the9quad View Post

I had to delete the mantle cache and the userprofile_profile in order to get DA:I to run. Not that big of a deal. Finally got Mantle up and running. A few things to note:

Gaming Evolved flickers really bad in crossfire, I also think it disables crossfire once the game is running.

Mantle frame pacing in DA:I seems really good (absolutely no hitching), but the FPS seems alot worse now. It's kind of a trade off I am willing to take as it feels really smooth but I lost a butt ton of FPS a BUTT TON.

remember this is frostbite, if the game is smooth but fps went down, what it sounds like? for me it sounds like renderdevice.framepacingmethod 2 implemented. gotta find a switch to method 1 ;]

yea, gaming evolved flickers really bad, the overlay showes up just on one card so it shows up like in between frames. I wonder if they ever fix that.

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