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Originally Posted by MrWhiteRX7 View Post

I like the fact that AMD is taking a shot at "fluid video", but no one on a PC should need this. If you're not using SVP to watch movies/ video/ youtube at your refresh rate then you've been missing out biggrin.gif

Btw the driver is running fantastic here as well with 3 x 290's. I know bf4 seems to be the same or even take a hit on some of the benchmarks but for me the game feels much smoother in tri-fire. DX11 even thumb.gif

About to test out ACU as there's a big thread on Ubisoft forums claiming this driver has done wonders in that game.

I disagree, in fact, I tried out the fluid video option IN CONJUNCTION ith SVP and wow drool.gif, it is so freaking smooth! It actually HELPS SVP interpolate the frames, so well in fact I disabled or lowered some settings so that the GPU can do some of the work natively. I even does wonders for anime thumb.gif.

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