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Thanks for replying guys!

Sadly there's no VRM temperature, I already tested lots of monitoring softwares.

Ever since I got this card, I always run a custom profile through MSI Afterburner that when it goes to 50c the fan would go to 100% gradually. I also haven't overclocked this card yet. The problem is that when I set it to 100% the GPU emits a strange smell again. I haven't tested 45%~99% fan speed though. No smell on 40 and below.

Also guys do you know where I could buy some stock sapphire thermal pads, it seems there is one that has a slight tear (purple thermal pad) and another one that is folded in two (black thermal pad), I don't know if I could unfold it since it kinds of stick to each other. lol.

I need the stock ones since I'll try getting to RMA this card. I fear that when they see the thermal pads they will reject it.

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