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Originally Posted by Overclockerrr View Post

Thanks for replying guys!

Sadly there's no VRM temperature, I already tested lots of monitoring softwares.

Ever since I got this card, I always run a custom profile through MSI Afterburner that when it goes to 50c the fan would go to 100% gradually. I also haven't overclocked this card yet. The problem is that when I set it to 100% the GPU emits a strange smell again. I haven't tested 45%~99% fan speed though. No smell on 40 and below.

Also guys do you know where I could buy some stock sapphire thermal pads, it seems there is one that has a slight tear (purple thermal pad) and another one that is folded in two (black thermal pad), I don't know if I could unfold it since it kinds of stick to each other. lol.

I need the stock ones since I'll try getting to RMA this card. I fear that when they see the thermal pads they will reject it.

If you can post some pics of what you find it will help to diagnose further.

As the others have said, giving it a good clean out and re-applying the thermal paste may be a good place to start.
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