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This is not a $30 case and because of this I am surprised of what is missing. By the way I paid €75 for my R300.

There is no cover (or a filter) for the top mesh. This for me is the biggest negative with this case. I would have many reasons why I would want the mesh covered (dust, dirt, potential spills on my desk, CATS who love to sit on my cases etc) and most importantly significantly improved noise levels if you just had a cover for the top mesh.

The same for the side vents. It irks me a lot that I bought a brand-new case but have to get going with modding to cut myself a top cover from dampening material and get some filters for the sides. Weak.

What is even more bizarre is that the case has this open top mesh but according to most people corsair (!!) H100 radiators don't even fit. Seriously, offering the case and telling people "all they need to do is some modding"...is sort-of absurd advice. It's not that I personally am interested in H20 cooling, but I just think it's bizarre that your very own popular radiators won't fit your very own brand case.

AFAIK no mounts for SSDs, the current solution is sort-of awkward.

Real, latched doors would make this nicer.

Don't get me wrong, this is still a very good case but it could've been stellar with minimal changes, additions.

Bios modding and flashing until the EEPROM smokes!! Yay!!
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