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Originally Posted by manitox View Post

Hi everyone, today i decide to chanche the thermal paste of my MSI TWINFROZZER III 448 core, it wasnt overheating but i have this gpu for over 2 years, well i apply Arctic Silver 5, spread with my finger, and worts temps, now i iddle at 50° and kombustor at 89°, then i reapply with the X method, and the same, then i apply a little dot in the middle and better temps but common 80° in kombustor , with stock paste i get 70° with Overclock.

Im desseperate, i use have an Cooler Master Thermal Compuond to, please heelp, the size of this gpu is so much bigger than any CPU.
Chances are, the paste is worse. Is the cooler being attached with good pressure? The paste applied with a full thin spread?

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