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Already got some parts like a psu , several cpus i could do it on, ( athlon x4 640,pentium 4 520, 1156 i5's and possibly some older 1155 i5's and various other 775 chips. What would be the cheapest way for me to start extreme cooling over clocking for ****s and giggles. I got ddr3 and ddr2, a psu, What i dont have:a motherbaord ,all the pots and stuff, case(possibly cutting up an old one and mounting it to a board or something as a bench) I have a hard drive i can use allong with sata cables. I'm not trying to set records(yet) but I wanna try my luck at getting some good results on the cheap, any suggestions, btw dice is easiest for me to get, have a kroger up the road and ln2 is harder to get than dice because of my age. Thanks friends smile.gif
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