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Originally Posted by Ryodan View Post

I looked at the 440, but I really like that 530. I considered a higher gpu but I'm at the limit of my current budget. In fact I'm not even ordering the gpu yet. Need more overtime to pay for thay so I will be using an older one temporarily, maybe I should just save up an extra $100 and get a 970.

The 530 case comes with a fan controller so with that not having pwm fans I should still be able to adjust fan speeds correct? As long as I don't mind adjusting all the fans on the controller together I assume

I've been in those shoes before, took me ages to build my current computer... Just thought I'd throw out a suggestion on that case thumb.gif It's recommended to get the 970, it's a really good gpu. I don't know how you feel about AMD, but man do they have some good prices right now on their gpu's. If you haven't, check out the R9 290 and R9 290x, great for the money.

As for the fan controller on the case, it'll control the stock fans.
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