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So found this router on Ebay, thought it was a damn good deal for a 3x3:3 AC router. For Around $40, I said why not. Considering I already had all the tools needed to do this mod, and a Extra Power adapter. So really the only thing I bought was the Router.

Now for the goodies. biggrin.gif

How the router looks stock, it is fairly big. Bigger than my old TP-Link.

As you can see, it has crap cooling from the start. Ticking Time Bomb. So I fixed it up with some Heatsinks. The wireless AC chip gets pretty hot compared to the rest, so this was a must IMO.

U.FL to RP-SMA Pigtail Antenna adapters attached, had bought extra when I did my WNDR3400 mod.

Drilled Holes and mounted the Antenna Adapters.

One of the Cables was not long enough, so I had to steal one from my WNDR3400. So I thought I might as well post what that looks like inside.

Looking good biggrin.gif



So far so good, Wifi performance has increased. Atleast on the 5ghz side, as that is all I tested. Will post benchmarks later.

But for anyone that has this router and wants to improve it, this is a vary easy mod to accomplish.

Oh and Lets not forget DD-WRT, as the Stock GUI on this router sucks.

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