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The router runs the AC chips at under 100mW, but I may try and push it up to 100mW if needed. And The 5Ghz spectrum doesn't go too far, so i'm happy so far. As 5ghz performance is defiantly up.

As for Benchmarks, Here is a quick one. But note this is all done with a Intel 5100 wireless card, so it is only a two stream N only. I have the laptop nearly in the line of sight about 10 yards away.

Server to laptop with my old TP-Link

Laptop to Server

Now for the New Router, Server to Laptop.

Laptop to Server

As you can see the Speed of the Laptop back to the Server didn't really improve, probably a limitation of the Intel 5100 card. Will be adding the Intel AC card to my laptop at some point. I did see a nice improvement in Download speed.

I get the same performance Stilling directly next to my TP-Link, 10 yards away with my laptop. Thanks to this new router. thumb.gif
But I do have to say those TP-Link results are lower than they should be, as I have had it pushing a decent amount more at that range. Just didn't feel like messing with it.

Etherway I wasn't having any wifi problems, I just upgraded for fun. Still never had a problem streaming 1080p to my Fire TV stick 10 yards away over 5ghz. But Now I am atleast 4K ready. tongue.gif
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