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Originally Posted by amd955be5670 View Post

Do you think running 1.3125V for a daily scenario is feasible? I understand for the 970s G1 has a separate dedicated cooler for the VRM with a fan on it for maximum cooling, but still I wonder if these boys can handle 1.3125V.

I'm also concerned that a GTX970 jacked up with volts and mhz reaches near R9 290 TDP yet the R9 290 comes with a 10 phase VRM.

Yup biggrin.gif The G1 has a stock 600W cooler but I am on a full cover water block which makes a huge diff in temps.

The question might just be --> What is the lifespan of a GPU under normal operation? 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? 50 years?
Even if only 10 years (which I doubt would be that low) and THEORETICALLY over volting reduced the life span in HALF to 5 years,
I sure hope I still don't have GTX 980's in my system in 5 years gunner.gif

All kidding aside, you need to hardware-volt mod before you can really do any damage to the GPUs.

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