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Originally Posted by amd955be5670 View Post

So I have some results for you. Currently my best stable OC is 1.275V @ 1557mhz. I tried 1.3125V @ 1569.5mhz, and yep, it failed. So my conclusion will be, the VRM in Rev 1.1 or F50 is unable to supply more than 1.275V to the Core. Its set to 1.275V in the bios, so if the real world value is actually more than or less than that, I don't know. It could also be my limit is itself 1557mhz on this gpu, which doesn't make sense because adding 0.125volts to the core should atleast net 13mhz more out of the OC.

I wonder if any other Rev 1.1 user with F50 has applied 1.3125V in the bios and is getting more than 1575mhz out of their GPU.

This is a G1 GTX 970

I do have 1.0's, both with Samsung memory. Both mediocre ASIC I guess. Perhaps the VRMs are indeed different in 1.1 like you said.

I wanted to validate my results yesterday so I ran all the tests again tonight.
Here are the results showing my max stable overclock and how I am able to gain 10 Mhz by only using voltage even when I am supposedly already at max voltage :

Software Voltage reading = 1.275
BIOS +30 mV
MAX boost = 1570 1570 (Click to show)

Software Voltage reading = 1.275
BIOS +60 mV
MAX boost = 1580 (spiked to 1593 quickly) 1580 (Click to show)

( º¿⌐ ) Both of those runs are full pass runs in 3DMark 4K.
I was unable to get 1580 boost unless I raised the voltage from +30mV to +60mV, despite both configurations reporting 1.275v.

I also seem to be limited by my voltage regulators according to GPU-Z. I have heard of some hitting 1600 on air (not sure if true) but I can't complain about this overclock. I'm breaking every 3DMark and Catzilla record I had before using this BIOS.

I have to say I am quite happy with this V2 BETA BIOS so far.
You and others are welcome to give it a whirl at your own risk of course wink.gif.
I don't have 970's though to be clear. I am not sure what is needed to tweak for a 970.

For all:
This is current BIOS I am running on my 2 GIGABYTE GTX 980 G1 GAMING cards WATERCOOLED.
This is based on the F3 BIOS and this is the DP BIOS (DD upon request). Don't just max out the voltage and power sliders with this BIOS.
980TIF3DPH20V2.zip 136k .zip file

Looking for feedback even if you just take a cruise through MBE.

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