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Originally Posted by Sean Webster View Post

Seems like your Windows image is corrupt or you have corrupt hardware or drivers. Otherwise this is the first i've heard of your issues. Nothing here causes Windows corruption. Guaranteed. Tell me what you think causes corruptions in the install and optimization guide?

And Win Toolkit does work fine. You just don't know what you are doing apparently. I'm making a Windows 8.1 Update ISO with it now...and like I said, I made a Windows 7 one the other day.

At first i disabled the page file and i got all kinds of errors, than i set it to 2048mb and still have weird issues like my desktop gadgets won't start at a cold boot, HWINFO64 won't boot, internet browser freezing and acting weird, the list goes on and on.

Now i am using page file again and the problems are not there anymore, so there is no other conclusion that messing with page file cause all kinds of problems.. Also a lot of programs actually utilize the page file so messing with it can only causing problems, period. I played a few games that need the page file and when ever i set it to 2048 or even 4096mb i still get problems and error codes, so for better performance and a correct working windows, leave the page file a lone.

I have no virus or malware or anything else for that matter because i have NOD32 internet security and malwarebytes installed and those are to be considered one of the best programs to have.

I also run sfc/scannow to see if there are any corrupted files but there were none, windows also feels just a lot better when i start using page file again. Its there for a reason it seems and it doesn't like it if you mess with it.

I tried inserting my chipset drivers in a windows and i have nothing but trouble with my chipset drivers and now i cannot install anything else anymore, so i need to do a fresh install all over again in order for the chipset drivers to work properly again.

I don't know what went wrong because i only inserted my AMD chipset drivers in that particular windows but i get nothing but troubles and it seems i cannot remove the drivers in order to install new or older ones.

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