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Does this qualify as true beige?

It's an old dell from about 1998 I believe, correct me if I'm wrong there.
If you look closely you can see that the front is actually starting to turn a yellowish colour, when I pulled the stickers off it was clean white underneath though. thumb.gif

I got hold of it about 3 years ago, noticed it was an ancient Dell Pentium 3 and it ended up just sitting in the garden shed next to the lawnmower ever since! biggrin.gif

Anyhow after seeing this thread I was inspired to drag (what's left) of it out and see what I can do with it .

Will set up a thread shortly on the mods I've got planned, it's going to take a while as the motherboard standoffs will have to be removed and bolts installed in their place the hold a standard atx board. (Old dells have some strange fittings/weird form factors in them...)
The old one is pretty much useless to me so I'll just replace the whole thing with an old Pentium 4 or maybe even a dual core board and processor.

Also want to repaint the case and add extra fans (the current set up only allows for two tiny fans, so I'll cut into the top of the case and install a few more! smile.gif

I still have no idea why so many 90's computers were coloured beige, it's a hideous colour! biggrin.gif

Anyhow, so how do I join the group? biggrin.gif

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