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If that is the only fan on GPU than leave it connected. And for what it's worth, I use Thermalright TY-143 fans, not NF-A14IPPC-3000 PWM fans. Plenty of oomph and much lower priced. Fan Bearing Types; Ball-Bearing Versus Sleeve Bearing and It's Fluid Dynamic VariantsFor all intent and purpose, we have 2 kinds of bearing fans. Ball and Sleeve. It doesn't matter what fancy names fan companies put name there sleeve bearings, they are still in the sleeve bearing family. Fluid bearings are basically just sophisticated sleeve bearings with slightly different ways of using the lubricant in the space between the bearing sleeve and shaft. The lubricant between the shaft and sleeve is what they are referring to when the call these bearings 'Fluid Dynamic Bearing". But almost all sleeve bearings require lubricant too. After all, lubrication is what keeps bearings from getting noisy and seizing .. even ball bearings. tongue.gifBottom line is the quality of bearing is far more important than what kind of bearing it is, be it ball or sleeve. Poor quality ball bearings will fail before good quality sleeve bearings. Yes, a good ball bearing has a longer life expectancy, but we are talking 80,000 to 95,000 hours @ 25c, or 52,000 to 75,000 hours @ 40c. That is almost 6 years of use without ever being turned off. How many of us will be using the fans we buy now for that many years?

Phanteks Owners Club Ways to Better Cooling
i7 980 @ 3.55GHz =PH-TC14PE w/2x TY-143 fans =Crucial Ballistix 3x4GB =GA-X58A-UD5 =ASUS GTX580 DirectCU II =Enermax Modu84+ =Define R2 w/3x TY-140 case intake fans; all PWM controlled by CPU fan socketPhanteks Enthoo Primo MoBo Rampage III Extreme CPUi7 980X
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