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Originally Posted by DeathAngel74 View Post

@ Laithan,
I have a 750 ti. I also have a 6-pin aux connector. Is it safe to assume that I could technically set the TDP to 150000 and pci-e to 75000 and power limit to 150000(130%) ? The only reason I am asking here is because its Maxwell related.

I am not sure if 150000 is too much for that card or not.. So you can definitely increase it over stock, but how much?? I am not clear on how much is "too much" and what the real dangers are here.. This is what I am trying to research now. I have identified further tweaks in the power area with my BIOS testing (I will be sharing more about this once I'm done researching/testing) but still working to understand them a bit better as we speak and be sure about the risks and safety.

...based on the explanation on Zoson's OP (Click to show)
He says:

"PCI-E - Power the GPU will draw off the PCI-E socket, don't exceed 75000!

PSU Rail1 & 2 - 6 pin cards will be set to ~75000, but since we know 8pin is just a 6pin with 2 more grounds, you can increase this to as much as 200W depending on the PSU. (200W at 12v = ~17A current draw)

Power Target - This is how you increase the nominal operating power. This also represents the slider in Afterburner, etc. Max should match Max of TDP.

If you set your Max TDP and Power Target higher than the combined power of your rails, you will never be able to reach the specified TDP/Power Target.
So, Remember: PCIE + PSU Rail1 + PSU Rail2 = Max TDP/Power Target"

I have seen many people increase a 6-PIN from 75000 to 108000. I don't know if your suggested 150000 is too much or not. According to Zoson's "formula" - 75000 + 108000 = 183000. 183000 would then be set as BOTH your TDP max and your power limit max.. I have asked for clarification on his thread also. If you used 150000, the formula would be 75000 + 150000 = 225000.

That is quite a difference from stock which is why I'm trying to clarify my understanding.

In MY case, since I have (2) 8-pin PCI-e, I am looking at bumping them to aroun 185000 each which brings my formula to 75000 + 185000 + 185000 = 445000 which also seems high.

If anyone has "been down this road before", please jump in and share what you've previously learned.


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