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Wow I had some catching up to do!

If you are quoted here, it's because I just added you to Post #1 Members List. If you've recently posted and aren't on there, drop me a PM and I'll make sure you get in the mix. Feel free to add our club to your sig line.

Mod on, oh Beige Ones. Mod on.


Originally Posted by gizmo247 View Post

This sounds like a fun club, I've been really looking into sleepers the past couple months and got my hands on a case that will be quite a challenge. Are any of you guys familiar with the Packard Bell A950-TWR? I'm planning on putting parts from my old rig into it, which includes an AMD 1090T x6 and a Windforce GTX 670 (would have been nicer to have a blower card but it will have to do.)

Also I am wanting to keep the outside as original as possible, the only modifications you should be able to see are the PCI slots not being standard for a computer like this and possibly a small cut above the power cord hole for the power supply toggle switch. I also want to cut the I/O off the original motherboard and throw it in the back so it isn't a gaping hole. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

ATX mounting points marked

That is just an awesome case. You are in and added to the list of members in Post 1.
Originally Posted by Radnad View Post

Currently have a beigemod in progress, will post when complete. Who says dinosaurs are extinct!

And added as well. Please let us know as soon as you post a mod log!
Originally Posted by trevorludgate View Post

May I join the club? My build log is here:
[COMPETITION] Beige Case Modding Competition
started on 03/19/15 last post 01/24/17 at 9:28pm 208 replies 13766 views

Totally in! Added to Post 1 members list. That is gonna be EPIC!
Originally Posted by Powerg4 View Post

I'd like to join too if I'm not already a member! biggrin.gif
Still getting use to this site...
My build log is here:

Thanks! thumb.gif

You are now in! I've added your name to post #1. If you want, add our club signature to your signature line. Awesome start!
Originally Posted by X-PREDATOR View Post


Can I join?? Link In Sig project is still in the works not done yet:thumb:

And you're in too! Added to post #1.
Originally Posted by Heedehcheenuh View Post

Add me. I have been refurbishing old systems for years. (Project NeeNeetoys) and want to get back into it. I am disabled but will still try to build a few more. I just purchased a Dell 790 with the i3 H2 chip and plan on shucking the sff case. I build most my rigs for folding and sell them to upgrade when I can. I do it on a budget and know how to make eye candy out of nothing. smile.gif

Chuck D
Fold on.....

P.S. Sorry for any typos...I have R.A, stage 3-4 fingers and hands are fudged up. tongue.gif

Looked at your old build log Neenee's Toy and added you. Mod on, good sir.
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