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Build setup/parts listing :
Case and accessories
▪ CaseLabs Mercury S5 Gunmetal exterior and Black interior
▪ CaseLabs 120.2 Flex-Bay Rad Mount
▪ XXL Clear window on the right and window and vent door on the left
▪ drop-in mount for a 360 mm rad on top and a window too.

▪ MB EVGA x99 micro
▪ PSU corsair hx850i
▪ 32 GB ddr4 ram corsair
▪ 2x titan sli
▪ 1 samsung evo 1 tb
▪ Cpu core i7 5960 x

▪ Gentle Typhoons custom painted to grey/black reversed
▪ Ek Coolstream PE 240 mm rad (2x)
▪ Ek Coolstream PE 360 mm rad (1x)
▪ D5 Aquacomputer USB Pump (1x)
▪ EK-D5 X-TOP CSQ - BLACK Acetal
▪ Shoggy Sandwich
▪ EK-HD Tube 10/12mm 500mm - 2 pack (10x for practice since I will try some bends on some critical parts)
▪ Mips cpu block
▪ EK Titan block short clear/nickel (2x)
▪ Ek BLACK backplate (x2)
▪ Aquacomputer Aquaero 6 XT USB Fan-Controller
▪ Aquacomputer Black Faceplate for Aquaero
▪ Custom pastel color (most likely a clear shade of grey)
▪ Aquacomputer Flow sensor mps flow 400, G1/4 (1x)
▪ Most likely ek fittings for 12 mm acrylic with black cap.

Lights: custom made 5050 bright white leds in superbrightleds mount with frosted top
Cables: most likely will ask Joey from ensourced to make some.

The Plan: I want a powerful and compact system to my work office. I am a biologist so the name of the build. I use computers at work to do a lot of statistics, simulations and math so Quiet, Powerful and Compact are the keywords here. Minimum tubing is another goal. To accomplish that I want to cram rads on this little s5. The idea is to put an additional 240 mm on the bottom compartment which will involve cutting the mid-plate. Besides I am in love with the look of the s8 but I wish the size of the s5. So the solution to me will be to mod the case and give the s5 a look of s8. If I succeed in it grey matter will be puzzling to look at it since at first sight will look like the big brother. The center piece of it is a custom frontal window with the reservoir built-in there. Let’s see how it goes…

Here is a draft of the plan on the front. White will be a window/reservoir custom made. It will extend as far back as I can with the loop/vgas there so one can see the reservoir on the front and side of the case. Red will be the new I/o position. The grey side is the vent part and inside will be another 240 mm rad there.

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