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Originally Posted by DMatthewStewart View Post

Oh man, I just reinstalled my drivers and forgot what the CCC settings are supposed to be. Am I supposed to disable All of the Overdrives? (AMD, CPU, and GPU) And of course there are a ton of other options that I cant remember what I had them set at. Anyone have any screen grabs of their settings?

Can I safely disable it from startup and just never use it?

Overdrive is disabled by default, you have to enable it if you want to use it. Generally there's no reason to enable it on the gpu side of things so leave it as is. There are no special settings in Catalyst. In fact you can most often just leave it as is.

Why would you want to disable Catalyst from loading? I assume that's what you meant because it's the only component that I would imagine that someone would want to disable after a fresh install, not that I would mind you. I find this practice rather archaic, a left over 9th hour jerry-rig from the years ago. Catalyst is actually what controls the settings per game, any optimizations are in the Catalyst Control Center, especially everything to do with profiles and crossfire. Some ppl still believe in disabling catalyst... whatever floats your boat I guess?

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