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One of the most common questions I get emailed before events is 'what do I needs to bring?'

OK here is the list it is aimed at the guys who bench quite often and have their own kit and will be taking part in the organised events. If you do not have your own kit do not worry there is plenty to go round. Some of the stuff like USB stick is a must however - especially if you are going to set a PB and want to keep a memento of the session. :ugeek:

I Bench Often - Bring List

CPU pot - A known or favourite CPU pot could make all the difference when benching, you will be welcome to use your own.
VGA pot - again if you have one and want to bring it do so please.
Thermometer and K-Type probe, if you are using your own pot or if you have one bring it.
Your Ln2 flasks, there will be 12 available at the meet that TeamGB is providing - more is better of course.
Blowtorch or heat gun, there will be 4 provided but can you ever have to many? I like to use hair-dryers as they work really well and do not liquefy the soldier like heat guns can.
USB Stick with all the OC tools you use for benching.
Video Card drivers (nVidea) of preference might be a good idea if you are picky about that sort of thing. Remember you are benching to a time limit so downloading from the web will hold you back. redface.gif

For the 'I will be benching my own hardware' guys go have a read of TopDogs post which I have pasted below that is pretty much the comprehensive list of stuff you will need to bring.

There will be some monitors, mouse and keyboards as well as PSU's available for your use. However you will need to bring your own hard drives, SSD and all other components that you are wanting to bench with.

There will be TeamGB hardware available of course but the organised events take precedence.
Originally Posted by topdog 

Here's a list that was made a few years ago which might help those suffering from dementia wink.gif

I thought I'd put together a list of recommended items to bring for those people who are interested in benching at an LN2 event.
For those of you who are already accustomed to extreme cooling I'm sure you already know what to bring, but this can still serve as a reminder, and for those of you who are new to extreme cooling this can be a good place to start.

Lets start with the obvious:

•CPU / GPU pot
•Thermal paste (something that doesn't freeze, like GC Extreme or Ceramique)
•Thermometer with k-type probes (usually not required for AMD benching)
•Thermos Flasks (three thermoses / person is usually a good number, but you can get away with using two)


•LET (liquid electrical tape)
•Artist Eraser
•Armaflex / Frost King
•Painters Tape
•Paper Towels

You certainly don't need to use all of the insulation that I listed, those are just some of the most commonly used forms of insulation.


•Digital Multi Meter (very useful for monitoring voltages, especially on volt-modded GPU's)
•Torch / heat gun
•Soldering Iron (for those who are using volt-modded GPU's)
•Pliers and Screwdrivers
•Duct Tape
•Hex keys / Torx
•Adapters (SATA / molex)
•Power cords (PSU/Monitor)

More useful tips:

1: Know your hardware
Get to know your bios, your vmods, overclocking limits, ram timings, etc before you go

2: Have your installs prepared ready.
Have a fresh install of all the Operating Systems you are going to use ready on your disks, with drivers and benching software ready to go.
Backup installs are always a good idea,in case of corruption for those with extra hdd's available

3: Insulate your motherboard/s and gfx cards
Get your motherboards and cards ready in advance, this will save a lot of precious time during the event

4: Plan your bench session in advance.
Know what benchmarks you will run and in what order and prepare accordingly, e.g. Go for highest CPU frequency first and get to know your CB/CBB limit, then move on to Spi 1m, Pifast, Wprime 32m etc and prioritise the benches that are important to you,and those that will be of greatest advantage to you and the team.

5: Backup your hardware
If possible bring some backup motherboards and CPUs with you to the event incase the worst happens, you dont want to be stuck with dead components with a plentiful supply of LN2 available to play with.

If anyone has any more suggestions, feel free to speak up.

Er I have not really benched Ln2 before - List of stuff to bring.

USB stick.
An open mind and a willingness to have fun.

That is about it pretty much. All the hardware stuff will be provided for you so you can just relax and enjoy Ln2 benching and learning from some of the top bencher's in the world, and UK.

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