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Originally Posted by Darkhaze View Post

Why would you sell someone a POS evo? are you that horrible a person? Get your refund. Don't plague someone else with this... has samsung twisted your heart, are you on the dark side with them now?
First of all, I don't think Samsung will issue refunds anymore, once the new firmware is out. They'll just send me away, most probably trying to sell me the idea that their new fix solves the bug, so no refunds. I'm pretty sure that this would happen.

And no, I'm not trying to plague anyone with this. Just that there are a LOT of people who don't care and are willing to buy the 840 EVO, just because they're Samsung fanboys.
I'll sell it for less than it's worth, around 20% lower than its real price, but at least I can get rid of it soon ! I'm fed up with this can-and-mouse game, I'm done with Samsung's POS tricks..

I already have a Crucial MX200, a BX100 and a Plextor M6S, all work flawlessly in various PCs/laptops; I'll just buy another MX200 to replace the 840 EVO.

I will not buy any TLC-based SSD ever again, that's for sure. And sorry all fanboys, but no more Samsung brand either.
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