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Originally Posted by Cyro999 View Post

1.3 is fine but temps won't be too great if you have HT on. You need to test with the right load, as some loads will hit 100c before other loads pass ~60c, even though they both run at 100% CPU utilization.

Normal is about [email protected] for these chips.

Check out THE ocn guide~ https://www.overclock.net/t/1411077/haswell-overclocking-guide-with-statistics/

Also, use manual voltage always. Vcore will be 0.02v above what you set in bios, but you won't see that unless you're looking at the right sensor (and there are lots of wrong sensors that will show you VID instead of vcore)

so much little stuff with haswell it's impossible to cover without writing a thousand word rant, so just read the guide

Thank you, I definitely will.

Can you tell me what is HT? Hyper Threading I'm guessing?

Why would you turn it off if at all?

Thought it's always a benefit to have it on.
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