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Originally Posted by XLifted View Post

You have lost me with those terms tongue.gif

My understanding is to keep under 95 Celcius, correct?

4 core 4 thread vs 4 core 8 thread

and no, hotter = bad. If it's constantly at 95c when video encoding or playing a game that maxes all cores, that's not good. I keep to high 70's with peaks into the lower 80's in worst case scenario+sustained load myself, with real world loads (encoder stress test)

higher temps will speed up degradation (so high temps + high volts combination + long loads = bad) but it's not really well known by how much. Overall though you should at least stay well clear of the throttle point (staying under ~85-90c after an extended load test for example, so if your room/case temperature rose by 5c, it'd still be 90-95c peak)

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