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just grabbed a torq x5 from frys.

last year I posted this on esr
about this whole smoothing thing: perhaps it is possible to measure.

i have been measuring input lag by colliding an unwired mouse into my g100s and recording videos at 1000fps. example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IA0T_o9qQVc

if you look frame by frame, it's pretty evident that the g100s reaches its maximum speed essentially instantaneously (~1ms or less). this owes to the rigidity of the plastic shells of the mice; if i used a rubber ball or something soft to hit the g100s, the transfer of momentum would occur over a much longer timescale.

by looking at a mouse's raw output and plotting vs time, it may be possible to detect smoothing

see this diagram for what I mean:

here is a real plot with MouseTester. i held down mouse1 lightly while slamming another mouse onto the g100s' side.

it's not perfect though as the mouse could malfunction during the impact. for example, my logitech m100 (a serious piece of ****) shows the following in mousetester:


guess what?

evga torq x5 at 3150dpi


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