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Originally Posted by raghu78 View Post

I did not say HBM at all price points. I said specifically two chips with HBM -
ultra high end (R9 390X) and
high end (R9 380X) with the same chip being used as flagship mobile GPU

Anyway Lisa Su said the GPU product launches will happen in the next 4 - 6 weeks. So Jun 1 (Computex) and Jun 16th (PC E3 Gaming event) are the likely times and places of launch. So not long before we find out. Anyway not enough info to prove anything yet. So hold your horses. rolleyes.gif

Seemed to me like the mobile GPU lineup had already been launched and being offered by the OEMs. And none of mobile slides or statements from Lisa said anything about HBM on mobile. All the HBM talk was specifically during the desktop GPU portions.

Yes, not enough info for conclusive statements here but as far as I'm concerned everything said here much better fits the theory that Fiji is the only really new chip and the only chip with HBM.
As for Skylake-E (8 core) vs Zen FX (8 score) I think beating Intel is going to be out of the picture. With 40% higher IPC over Excavator AMD may get around Haswell or best case Broadwell. But Skylake will be untouchable for IPC and max frequency (given Intel's superior 14nm process against Samsung/GF 14nm) . AMD can though look to be competitive. If AMD brings FX 8 core to USD 500 that would benefit even the hardcore Intel loyalists like yourself who now have to pay USD 1000 for the 5960x. tongue.gif

Do remember clocks, Zen will have to reach 3.5GHz+ stock and 4.5GHz+ OC'd in order for these IPC comparisons to really matter.

Either way, overly hopeful optimism towards AMD products from me isn't going to make them perform better against intel. I'd rather keep my expectations low and be positively surprised after launch.

Yes a skylake-E competitor would be great for prices (assuming AMD wouldn't go the original FX route for prices) but I'm not going to speculate on forums that that's going to happen because I honestly don't think it will happen. Has nothing to do with what I want to happen.

I would remind you that I have a bunch of FX chips here, the 5960X is just my daily CPU.

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