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Originally Posted by Tojara View Post

They have to have been doing something besides HBM during the last couple of years. Bulldozer it at least a documented screw up but sitting on their asses for three and a half years simply sounds idiotic.
That could be a good idea. Improvement in brand image could already probably make up the loss in sales in addition to the upgradeability being a nice bonus if they keep the socket for 2 years or so.
Not everyone here cares either, since the electricity is off your heating bill for the seven-eight months of the year when probably 95% of computer usage at home happens.


Unless you live here in Texas in the USA. Where seven to eight months of the year are sweltering hot. I'd go with AMD, but even with me being in shape, it just gets too hot. I can't even run my 780 overclocked or it puts out too much heat in my room that it becomes noticeably uncomfortable. And that is with a ~650 square foot open living space (second story of my house).


I know I'm in the minority, but performance comes second to actually being able to game in a comfortable environment. In otherwords, I embrace efficiency over pure performance (although I do like the performance too :P!).

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