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Originally Posted by raghu78 View Post

As for Skylake-E (8 core) vs Zen FX (8 score) I think beating Intel is going to be out of the picture. With 40% higher IPC over Excavator AMD may get around Haswell or best case Broadwell. But Skylake will be untouchable for IPC and max frequency (given Intel's superior 14nm process against Samsung/GF 14nm) . AMD can though look to be competitive. If AMD brings FX 8 core to USD 500 that would benefit even the hardcore Intel loyalists like yourself who now have to pay USD 1000 for the 5960x. tongue.gif

With 40% increase in IPC Zen won´t be able to shake Haswell or even Ivy Bridge in all scenarios, let alone Skylake.
In order to do that it needs to clocked around 20% higher than it´s rivals from Intel and thats pretty damn unlikely.

Significantly more cores with reasonable IPC and at significantly lower price is the only way to succeed.
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