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Originally Posted by xxdarkreap3rxx View Post

The hell, 23c is hot? I was playing GTA V a few weeks ago on my two 290X cards on a hot day and my room temperature was 34c (little over 93f).
That's insane I wouldn't last 5 minutes in such a hot room. But yeah I find 23C already extremely hot I'm running a single 290 at that moment. If it got that hot I would open a window or put the house in cooling mode. I'm better with cold weather as I really can't stand hot weather.
Originally Posted by Ganf View Post

You're disqualified just on general principles. It never cools off during the summer in Florida. We regularly see temperatures of 32c with 80% humidity at midnight, and I don't use AC because it helps with my general health. Late night gaming sessions can literally replace calisthenics as a weight loss program under those conditions.

I take full advantage of it. biggrin.gif
We FL wouldn't be my first choice Colorado seems like a nice state decent temperatures just like here but far less wind. I hate the hard wind NL has since it's located at the coast. (I live near the sea ~5km)

But actually if I move ever in my life when I'm somehow filthy rich I would probably move to some poor country that has no people to annoy me and have a house built in the middle of nowhere.

I recently spotted an island in the Khuvsghul lake located in Mongolia. It seems like a very nice location isolated from the rest of the world in a already almost not populated area. Not really the greatest weather considering the whole lake freezes completely in the cold months.
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