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Originally Posted by maarten12100 View Post

That's insane I wouldn't last 5 minutes in such a hot room. But yeah I find 23C already extremely hot I'm running a single 290 at that moment. If it got that hot I would open a window or put the house in cooling mode. I'm better with cold weather as I really can't stand hot weather.


I wish Texas was colder, but a lot of the tech sector jobs are over here, so I don't have much choice.... Wish I had the ability to just open my window and cool the house. Two large (don't remember the tonnage) AC units are barely enough to keep the house cool during the summer here. Like they can struggle maintaining 78F (25.5C) during the middle of the summer. 


Honest to goodness, the amount you'd save by moving to AMD here would practically be the difference in the cost it takes to cool the house over the summer. It is that serious of a problem here.


Was kinda hoping the 390X would've had better PPW improvements considering I always like to try both sides of the fence before making my final decision (AMD or Nvidia) every generation of cards I upgrade to.

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