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I got a question for ya mate.

I got a MSI Gaming GTX780 Ti for which I built a 1.212v unlocked 300w 133% power target BIOS.
I got some experience making GTX7xx BIOS's and know pretty well what i'm doing but now i've hit a snag.

The BIOS I use is the latest UEFI GOP BIOS for the MSI Gaming 780 Ti officially released by MSI.
I can't seem to be able to edit the max boost table clocks while I can edit the max boost table in other non-UEFI BIOS's...

Is there any way the max boost can be dropped a bit cause it's running 1306Mhz boost but it'll only do 1267mhz stable without going past 1.212v.
I have to clock it now with a -39mhz core clock in MSI AB tongue.gif Which is less than ideal..

I attached the BIOS I used in it's stock config without my voltage and power tweaks.
Could you make it so that it boosts to max. 1202Mhz?

msi780tigamingstockuefi-backup.zip 134k .zip file


Hmm, seems like I fixed it by right clicking in KBT 1.27 on the boost table and clicking Fix Invalid Clocks.
This unlocked the slider and allowed me to set a max boost of 1202Mhz.

I also set the stock frequency to 1006Mhz and the stock boost to 1202Mhz so it would always run 1202Mhz.

Now I did encounter one wierd thing. It seems to have disabled the 13Mhz interval???
I can freely set ANY frequency I want and it'll apply it in both MSI AB and GPU-Z monitoring..
I set 1272Mhz now and it shows 1272Mhz in MSI AB and 1271.6Mhz in GPU-Z monitor...

Sooo, did it actually allow free setting of clocks or does it just read it wrong and it's still using the 1267Mhz clock.

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