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Originally Posted by hamzta09 View Post

Its your bios files ;P

The bios'es are set to 1431MHz.

But the cards stay <1342.
And the VDDC stays <1.2060 on the Hynix GPU.

Originally Posted by DeathAngel74 View Post

Boost states, boost table, 3d base clock and boost clock all need to be the same if you want the same frequencies in-game and during benchmarks. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Well Cyclops made the bios for me ;P
And stated it: "1430 MHz core under load and up to 350W with max TDP slider."
Yet it refuses to go past 1342 in games, single GPU. And 1329 in SLI.
In valley they both stayed at 1329Mhz.
And the VDDC on Hynix GPU refuses to go past 1.2060v when in load.

Anyway overclocking via MSI Afterburner with +150 on core (everything else default, on stock bios) gives me 1466Mhz on load (games)
Seems BIOS overclocking doesnt work? Or does Afterburner adjust 3d and boost?
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