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Thanks jhereg10 for finding my thread in the depths of reddit and introducing me to my brethren.

heres my post

So im at my buddys (who works in it support) and im going through his recycle pile trying to find a couple of old boxes i can fix up for a couple of pc needy relatives of mine when i stumble upon this behemoth. it shines in all its late 90s server glory tape drives and all. ive been planning on doing a few upgrades to my current system and i really want to make something out of this beast. it measures 24.5 tall 15.5 long and 7.5 wide. i like the industrial look. so i wont be going super polished. im really leaning towards a rusty hulk look. im thinking of ditching the front panel for a new one made of steel with a vandal button. Maybe cutting a window and either filling the space with grating of some sort or just really dingy scratched and faux dirty acrylic

I feel im pretty handy I have rebuilt cars, do all my own home repairs and i have alot of the tools & or access to most of the stuff i will need for the build.

Im planning on transplanting most of the parts from my current set up (about a yr + old) into this box.

Right now i have
AMD 8150
16 gb crucial Ballistix ram
160 gb ssd
7650 xfx video card
and a 1 tb wdcaviar blk hd
an asus m5a99x MB
CM hyper evo cooler
Antec HCG-900 900W power supply

its a middle of the ground system and the only real improvement i was gonna do was replace the video card
realistically i have a 600$ budget for this and that include the video card

Id love any input hardware wise as well if you guys belive i could get some better performance

as far as the mod goes this beast has room for 2 computers
the MB tray swings out and is at/atx compatable so my mb should fit

i know cooling will be an issue i was thinking of maybe some sort of water cooled system i hate to get an enclosed system but i cant afford to go full retard on the watercooling

anyways enough talking here are the pics

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