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Can someone explain something about the voltage table to me? I mean I am pretty familiar with MBT & BIOS editing now, but no matter how I change my voltage table, the card still ignores the upper entries in the voltage table when boosting down. It runs fine at the max clock CLK at 74, but when I reduce power target (for testing), it jumps down to CLK 62 when it wants to reduce voltage and ignores everything above. (When it boosts down in the upper CLK, 63-74 ranges it only changes freq but not volts)

It's like that the card "internally" still assumes it's at CLK63 (where it boosts to at default). No matter what I do, I cannot get the card to use the entire voltage table for "proper" downclocking over the entire range, 74 and down. Does anyone else notice this? (Shifting my max boost CLK to CLK 63 would mean I have to edit and increase V for the entire table which I dont want to). I dont understand this behavior.
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