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I'm looking for someone with experience with the new maxwell bios's that might could either do what I ask for me, hopefully.

I was thinking of getting one of the EVGA GTX 960 FTW 4GB cards, does anyone have any information on these cards?

One of the biggest thing I want with these cards is -DISABLE BOOST COMPLETELY-, no "variable clocks", I want it to jump right to max boost all the time when I go play a game or load a benchmark. I don't care how much power it uses or if I have to run the fans at 100% or 80%, if that's what it needs I'll do it.

I'm coming from a pair of GTX 470's that when I load a game they go straight to 850 mhz and just run there no matter what, regardless of how hot it is, or how much power it draws, it has one "under load" clock speed and never changes. That's what I want from the new cards.

Basically what "KBOOST" in EVGA PrecisionX does, but KBOOST disables gpu load % monitoring, so I'd rather do it via bios instead so I can still monitor it.

Is any of this even possible?

I also plan to do deep overclocking, and hopefully raise the thermal throttle to something like 90c, so it doesn't throttle from running hot. I don't care how hot it runs, gpu's don't take damage until they get to 90c+, so there's no reason to let a card "throttle" before that. I'm hoping for at least mid-1500's clock, and try to get it near 1600 if possible. A friend of mine has a msi gtx 960 2GB and he has his stable at 1580 mhz with just afterburner, so hopefully I should get near that or maybe if I fiddle with bios and raise power limits a little and such, get a bit more. At least I'll do my best to push it as far as it can and remain stable.

I have a 1000-watt power supply and the only other things in the system are 3 x 7200 rpm hard drives and a xeon version of the i7-920 @ 4.4 ghz, so power isn't an issue.
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