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Well, quite a bit more done today, was able to pick up a 6 foot piece of trim to use as a shim, then trimmed the side pieces up to get them to fit...Had to lose a 1/4 of an inch on 5 seperate pieces.

Really pissed that I knocked a little of the veneer off of the desktop on such an obvious corner...but I was having issues manhandling some of the pieces the last two days.

Working on fitting the side pieces...

Hours later, some swearing and in need of painkillers, here is how things are pretty much right now. I still have a ton of organizing to do and to figure out if I am going to put shelves in the side sections next weekend or find some other organizing option.

Also added a LED light underneath the center section of the monitor stand.

Oh, I will probably add the white trim I picked up next weekend. Need to locate an iron for it. smile.gif

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