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Originally Posted by warpuck View Post

I read this entire Thread.
It is kinda old, but for those who read it in the future.
One of the the things I have done is High power RF systems (megawatts). In those systems you will not find dual power supplies feeding the same component. Some power supply may be grounded to the case. So what happens if you do? supply a and supply b say puts out 12.012 V and b 12.125 volts. where does . 0.112 volts go ? answer into supply a. consider that supply as a low ohm (resistance) say .001 ohm. 0.112 v divided by .01 ohm = 110 amps. When that happens power supply a and b become a temporary smoke generators and the best designed one survives. So any thing plugged in to the mother boards (video cards) must be powered from the same source. These devices draw power through the Motherboard.
Hard drives, CD drives, fans, & pumps can be powered by a separate supply because they are only signal connected and not electrically connected. The only that things may require enough current draw to warrant a separate power supply are TEC, some pumps and a few high volume fans or enough fans to make the box fly.
I have found that the silver or gold power single rail supplies last longer. If 1300 watts can't power it you probably should not build it. For those of us who have to live off 110 volts, 1300 watts is getting close to popping the circuit breaker on a 14 gauge circuit.

QFT. I use dual evga classified psus on my rig because 1 would trip every time I run any type of benchmark (shut down around 1650 watts) and I added the second which solved that problem but began tripping my circuit breaker instead. At that point i had to use each psu on a seperate circuit. Not ideal but atleast it runs without trouble until I can get a few 220 lines into my office lol. Eager to see the look on the electricians face tongue.gif

I use one solely for the 4 Titans which with a custom bios use a dramatic amount of power themselves.

I agree in most scenarios 2 psus will never be necessary but in some of today's high end custom builds it certainly isn't overkill. I measured 2200w at the wall without having waterblocks on my titans at that point. Gives my 24k btu AC a run for its money lol.

Just had a baby and doing tons of Reno around the house and so I havnt had the pc hooked up for the last month and it cut our electric bill very close to 50% ugh! The price we pay to jam video games!
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