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Originally Posted by leakydog View Post

yes I have seen these instructions but

DVI-I = I see image on my monitor, everything seems okay
DVI-D = I see only black screen, like when monitor is sleeping... even if I replug cabel to DVI-D when PC turned off

If I turn on PC with cabel plugged in to DVI-D = black screen and if I replug cabel to DVI-I without turning PC off = normal screen, but windows acts like there is no nvidia drivers and gpu-z still shows F3 vBIOS

I am really confused now. Is it hardware issue? I am not able to swith to second vBIOS, which should be still F2 version

Ok I just tested. I simplified my display to a single monitor. I was able to get video when I plugged my monitor (projector) into the DVI-I port (where I usually have it), fully shut down my PC, plugged into DVI-D and I got video right away.

I am trying to think.. What could cause that.. Do you happen to have another monitor you could try on that port? I can't think of why it wouldn't like DVI-D but who knows..

Got a DVI to D-SUB adapter and connect dvi to monitor using D-SUB instead of DVI?

Another idea, not so straightforward, would be to try and re-flash the DD BIOS. Perhaps it didn't get flashed right from the factory? You could try to use another GPU to boot windows with (don't even need to install the driver), have another monitor connected to the DVI-D port that isn't working as a secondary display, and then use NVFLASH --list to list the adapters. Your GPU should likely now be adapter 1 instead of adapter 0. You can specify flashing card #1 with NVFLASH -i1 -6 your.rom


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