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Is this thread still alive?

I have the Gigabyte G1 970 and I have had some weird problems now


As you can see, even with default clocks it wont keep stable core clock (doesn't help if I put the fans to 100% etc..) when playing TF2 etc.

Clocks work fine in Valley for example, and GPU load 99% etc.

So after googling a lot, I think I need custom BIOS to keep voltage on constant levels, but I have no idea how to do this so any kind of help is appreciated..

I have a PCIE2.0 mobo so is that an issue for the BIOS in the start post? I flashed the latest Gigabyte BIOS earlier today.

My last GTX 590 I fried even without touching voltages so I am really afraid to kill these cards mad.gif

Additional pic (GPU-Z):

I could do an overwatch in CS:GO with clocks being constant, but some games (Dota2, TF2, ...) give these spikes. These might be some kinda bug in drivers cause I haven't had these symptoms all the time since I bought this card..
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