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Originally Posted by tomimoi42 View Post

Is this thread still alive?

I have the Gigabyte G1 970 and I have had some weird problems now

As you can see, even with default clocks it wont keep stable core clock (doesn't help if I put the fans to 100% etc..) when playing TF2 etc.

Clocks work fine in Valley for example, and GPU load 99% etc.

So after googling a lot, I think I need custom BIOS to keep voltage on constant levels, but I have no idea how to do this so any kind of help is appreciated..

I have a PCIE2.0 mobo so is that an issue for the BIOS in the start post? I flashed the latest Gigabyte BIOS earlier today.

My last GTX 590 I fried even without touching voltages so I am really afraid to kill these cards mad.gif

I could do an overwatch in CS:GO with clocks being constant, but some games (Dota2, TF2, ...) give these spikes. These might be some kinda bug in drivers cause I haven't had these symptoms all the time since I bought this card..

Hi there, a couple reasons. One, it could be because those games don't push the GPU hard enough. If they are older games and/or don't have complex graphics, shaders, etc. your card won't run at full boost speed all the time. That's perfectly normal when this happens and why Precision offers "K boost" (which I don't use).

On the other hand, in your pic I see a lot of voltage perfcaps. Throttling can occur from lack of voltage, lack of power or too much heat. When people are seeing throttling below 65C temps, it is usually because the card is limited and this is where a custom vBIOS can help. PCI-e 2.0 is perfectly fine. I run that also. I also had a GTX 590 and they were really a bad engineering design. That's a VERY different GPU and not comparable to Maxwell. Maxwell runs so cool and efficient that putting the cards under H2O doesn't even give much advantage mad.gif. Anyway, you need to hard-mod these cards before you will fry one. They pretty much self-protect these days.

I would recommend you look for a MAXWELL FLASHING tutorial to get yourself familiar. I have posted some links and some information in the OP. When you are confident and brave, come back and post your BIOS if you need help modifying it, I can help thumb.gif Don't worry, it isn't as scary as it sounds smile.gif

Originally Posted by leakydog View Post

I suppose there is no need to copy-paste your vbios to mine, right? Your vBIOS is based on the same one. Should I flash your vBIOS without worries? :-)

You are one of the lucky ones. Yup! Flash directly for you smile.gif

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