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Thanks for all the replies.

In CS:GO, I could run good OC, and no throttling. In TF2, no matter what clocks, it throttles. And it usually does, when I enter a big space so it really gives a noticeable spikes for me...

I tried with all stock and clocks stock, but +6/+12/+18/+26 volts and +12% (112%) power, and all these effects remain similar.

I tried Evga PrecisionX, but the K-Boost just didn't do anything... I couldn't click it to activate it, only if I clicked the k-boost text it and kept my finger on the mouse, the button would be white....


So I am kinda lost with this custom BIOS thing but...

...Do I DL the "970F3DPV1.ROM" file and if so, with what software I flash the card with? Gigabyte @bios?Nvflash?

And is this BIOS voltage locked, so I don't need to mess with the Maxwell Tweaker?

Oh yeah, and in case I get to use this BIOS, do I have to put the Core voltage to +100mV like one of the posts says? (Really confused and lot to learn with this stuff)
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