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I think the drivers are faulty... I mean once again, I could go to play CS:GO with +98 core, +286 mem, +30 volt, +12% power and it gave only one minor spike to me in core clock+voltage...

Then I launch TF2... And it won't even go above the base clock (1177) ingame.. Wow.

But I already tried 4 different drivers and reinstalled windows so no help.¨

edit: Yo I give up. After putting core volt +32, +112%, core +75, mem +275 and a reboot, first time Afterburner shows me that this card can use more than 1.23xxx volts... It was 1,256 while playing TF2, and I had muuuch less spikes than "normally" (~5-10sec drops to ~1240MHz from 1467MHz), and overall microstutters seemed to be lesser. So strange.

So I think I willl leave this like it right now and move on..... rolleyes.gifapplaud.gif
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