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Originally Posted by leakydog View Post

I am stable on 1480/8000 Mhz without any +mV now on my G1, but unfortunately not with Laithan's vBIOS. I made copy of my friend's vBIOS. With Laithan's vBIOS I was unstable even with 1480, weird...

Not a problem, I can explain to you why.

Just so everyone is aware, I have a section on "How to use this BIOS" on the OP in the event it wasn't noticed. Here is a link but I will elaborate here as well. https://www.overclock.net/t/1544574/gigabyte-gtx-9xx-g1-gaming-h2o-air-bios-tweaking/440#post_23937743

This BIOS:

The power @ 100% is lower than a stock BIOS (this is a low power mode option) however the power at 150% is higher than a stock card.

The voltage @ +0mV is lower than a stock BIOS (this is a low voltage mode option) however the voltage at +100mV is higher than a stock card.

Please test with the voltage and power % sliders maxxed out when overclocking. If you are overclocking your GPU without the voltage slider increased, you are going to starve the GPU of voltage which will lead to instability. wink.gif It makes sense when you think about it, pushing a higher MHZ at the same time as constraining your voltage/power = recipe for instability.

The voltage/power % sliders are misunderstood a lot because of the way they are presented. When you run your GPU at +0mV vs +100mV, you are NOT running the GPU at 'stock settings' you are actually restricting the voltage and undervolting the card. When you are running Power% at 100% vs 150%, you are restricting the power. Those sliders don't magically "add" any power or voltage to the card, they strictly go by the pre-defined BIOS values even though they are presented as adding "extra" voltage and power.

I personally run my card "24/7" with BOTH sliders fully maxxed out all the time. That's my choice, but this BIOS gives the user the option to run the card how they want to. If they want a low power mode there is the option. When they want to speed things up a bit and overclock, just need to be sure the sliders are adjusted accordingly and it is required when overclocking otherwise you will restrict the card.

I hope this helped, let me know if you have any questions wink.gif

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