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Originally Posted by leakydog View Post

Guys, could you test your OC'ed cards with this demo? http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=61883 Because my card is stable in firestrike but not in Apocalypse When demo.

Will try it and see how it goes smile.gif'

Ok, I got a TDR when running that..

I can tell you that my config is rock solid stable. I can pass loops of 4K Firestrike Ultra without blinking an eye. This demo, I tested at only 1080P +0mV / +0 memory (not even overclocking beyond BIOS defaults) so with all due respect, I am sorry to say that demo is NOT STABLE code. What you had to do was actually underclock your GPU to get that test to run, which is using a hardware tweak to compensate for faulty code. The graphics weren't even that good and the programmer may be using some unsupported "tricks".

What a blast from the past though, I remember the very first demos back in the BBS days... wow...

The good news is that you can test with Firestrike, Unigine Heaven, or something else KNOWN/PROVEN to be stable, factor recent driver glitches, and re-test your max overclock. I suspect you'll get closer to 1600 than 1500 with that ASIC smile.gif

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