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Originally Posted by Laithan View Post

I forgot to respond to this one, give me a few and I will check it out thumb.gif

Ok looking at it now, it is very different. Is your goal to disable boost? I do see some areas where I would make some changes, for example the min voltage being the same as max isn't necessary on other than CLK 74. If a throttle condition occurs, you can expect a huge drop in clocks. The 4th voltage line from the top is not where I've seen anyone use max voltage. I have a 970 BIOS posted on the OP. You can copy over all the settings from that BIOS if you'd like to try that unless you are looking to disable boost.

Yeah, I'm looking to disable boost and raise the voltage as high as possible. (afaik 970G1 this can also go to 1.31v but software reads 1.275 and is limited to 1.31 by hardware)

So you recommend matching the setting of my modded bios with the one you posted in the op?

Also, I'm looking to keep the voltage constant as long as the card is in p0 state (3d)

Thanks in advance for the recommendations.

edit: I set the power limit to ridiculously high amount so that I won't hit any tdp limit whatsoever, I know under the worst conditions the card won't really consume 350w but it's just a peace of mind

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