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Originally Posted by Laithan View Post

Ok I see, if you are looking to disable boost we should ask DeathAngel74, Perhaps we can get a gigabyte BIOS version with BOOST disabled as a reference, I have had someone else recently ask for this.

As far as copying the BIOS values, they won't result in disabling boost as you'd like but it would get you the other tweaks that have been tested to work well. You could then disable boost after you copy them over so you know you are working with tested values. You can also use K-Boost from EVGA PrecisionX (and yes you can get it to work in MSI Afterburner also) to force your card to run at boost speeds despite GPU load without having to do this in the BIOS. Maxwell was really designed to boost and it works well with a tweaked BIOS tongue.gif I know there are some games that just don't trigger BOOST because they don't push the GPU enough to make it boost.. I think that's the claim to fame with K Boost.

PS. I got my 980's to consume around 385W smile.gif

I have 970, not 980. But I will increase to 450w JUST IN CASE tongue.gif

I don't like to run any additional software, I'd really prefer if clockspeeds work similarly when we still have Fermi cards (no boost, full manual control over GPU speeds).

What's the max voltage that the G1 can put out? Is it locked 1.31 like the majority of 970s out there?

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