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Originally Posted by TK421 View Post

I have 970, not 980. But I will increase to 450w JUST IN CASE tongue.gif

I don't like to run any additional software, I'd really prefer if clockspeeds work similarly when we still have Fermi cards (no boost, full manual control over GPU speeds).

What's the max voltage that the G1 can put out? Is it locked 1.31 like the majority of 970s out there?

I would caution using super high values, I think it could lead to some unwanted heat and instability. You can't draw that much power with 6+8Pin so no real benefit to configure it. We will round off. 6-pin, 100W. 8-pin 180W. Plus PCI-e (75W) = 355000.. If you want MAX value, there it is. I would still recommend the value posted in the BIOS though wink.gif

G1 seems to be the same around 1.312v also.

PS. If you are used to Fermi, just try the posted BIOS and see if you throttle. You'll probably be running at max boost all the time anyway wink.gif

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