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Originally Posted by Laithan View Post

Will try it and see how it goes smile.gif'

Ok, I got a TDR when running that..

I can tell you that my config is rock solid stable. I can pass loops of 4K Firestrike Ultra without blinking an eye. This demo, I tested at only 1080P +0mV / +0 memory (not even overclocking beyond BIOS defaults) so with all due respect, I am sorry to say that demo is NOT STABLE code. What you had to do was actually underclock your GPU to get that test to run, which is using a hardware tweak to compensate for faulty code. The graphics weren't even that good and the programmer may be using some unsupported "tricks".

What a blast from the past though, I remember the very first demos back in the BBS days... wow...

The good news is that you can test with Firestrike, Unigine Heaven, or something else KNOWN/PROVEN to be stable, factor recent driver glitches, and re-test your max overclock. I suspect you'll get closer to 1600 than 1500 with that ASIC smile.gif

Great :-) sorry, I don't know what "TDR" exactly means, but if it crashed after demo ended in case you didn't set "loop", then it's normal, but you say that your demo crashed in time when it's running, right? so you are probably right and I was using wrong benchmark whole the time :-)
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